Contested divorce on adultery

I got separated from my wife after a married life of 15 yrs. I left home (rented) for her and my only daughter when she refused to leave association with her Delhi high court advocate male friend even after objections of his wife, my wife's family and me. Now its more than 5 yrs now of separation but I didn't file divorce as I never wanted a sense of insecurity in my daughter's mind at the age of 9 yrs only. Meanwhile I kept myself in continuous touch with my daughter and wife both and visited frequently to teach my daughter (I am a part time Maths teacher). Now my wife stopped me completely to talk and meet my daughter as my daughter developed an appreciation for me for my knowledge, my simplicity and even her school teachers appreciation for me. I was the one who always attended her PTA and other schools activities. My wife started her business (salon) after leaving my home and now she runs two high profile salons and earns much better than me. Now as I am not allowed to talk, meet and teach my daughter when she is in class Xth, I want to divorce and either get custody of my daughter or at least a day with her every week to help her in studies. The problem is that, after separation, I fell too low on earning and wife's friend is politically connected high court advocate. My wife has threatened me to keep silent otherwise she will teach a good lesson to me. I can't afford much to hire a high profile advocate but could definitely pay in kind if not cash presently. Is there anyone to help a desperate father to get associated with his daughter?