RIghtful owner / possibility for ownership of house.

Sir, I stay in a rented house (chawl) since 1984 in kalyan district. My owner (landlady) expired four years ago without any will and also she has no legal heir (She has a informally adopted daughter "Mrs. Y"). since then we are paying rent to her relative "Mr.X" (Landlady's husband's brother) who is also a landlord of chawl next to my chawl. We asked him to provide some papers specifying his rightfulness for asking rent. He told us that paper work is on and will take some time. Right now He is providing us rent receipts on our landlady's name. Recently some men came and took measurement of the property. when we asked them then they said that Mr.X has sold just our chawl to a builder. we are not sure of this rumor. Also lately Mrs.Y also visited our chawl and enquired to whom we pay the rent. 1. we are confused so as to whom should we pay the rent legally 2. In case there is a chance for redevelopment, then are we entitled for any privilege / or rightfulness on the house or concession on the new house, etc, as we have been staying there for more than 33yrs. How can we approach the court?