Filing a case againt an Employee

We run a beverage manufacturing unit in Bangalore. I want to file a case against an employee. He is a senior factory employee and has caused a lot of damage to our machineries, has not followed the Standard Operating Procedures as prescribed. This has cost money in terms of loss of production, loss of perishable and non-perishable raw materials and costs incurred on repair of machineries. He is frequently absent from work, has stolen a few articles from the workplace, comes to work in a drunken state and refuses to go home once he arrives. He calls late at night in a drunk state. His wife frequently visits to request to help him through his alcoholism and excessive tobacco addiction. About three weeks ago, upon receiving his Salary he opened up one of our machines on the pretext of fixing it, then left the work place suddenly and informed everyone that he does not want to work. We tried to communicate with him, to find out what went wrong and was there something that we could do. He rejected everything and simply said that he does not want to work. He came to work a day ago, refused to speak with the management, then suddenly left. Then he is giving threatening calls that he wants his salary, and that he wants to work elsewhere. We refused to speak as he was speaking in a foul language.Today morning he is threatening to go to labour court if we don't pay his salary. I want to file the maximum possible cases against him, please advise