Atrocity act

I belong to SC, and I am Central Govt. Employee, facing lots of problems from my lady officer - Head of office and her group of officials, she had suspended me in oct-2014 with creating false testimonies against me, then Suspension Revoked on 27th July-2015, on that day of my Rejoining of duty, she had changes my seating arrangement near to her PRIVATE TOILET facing the toilet door side, i opposed to the person who arrangement done, he said, this is as per the order of Head of Office, then i have complained this thing to Director General, SC commission, DoPT then our Additional Director General had called me on 14th OCT-2015 and assure me to take actions against Lady officer, and transferred me to another office so daily problems can be avoided and promise taken from me that I will not complain any higher authority just to protect the credits of departments and he will make justice to me. Due to this complain, Lady officer-Head of office had REDUCED MY SALARY to a new appointee level (I have completed 15 years of service even though). about this REDUCE SALARY also i writes to DG and all other Higher authorities of the department, still no action taken, nor any INQUIRY DONE, Now my problem is, what to ahead to get justice and what are the ways available with me, is i have to lodge FIR related to ATROCITY act etc. kindly suggest me, thank you sirji