DOB change in matric certificate

Hello Sir/Madam I have passed 10th from CBSE in 2002 . My Date Of Birth is [deleted] but it is entered as [deleted] due to the mistake of my guardian(my relative who was funding me at that time because my parents were not able to afford my education). He entered it by mistake which didn't come in mind at that time. After some time, when we got our attention on this, it was almost some years passed and we didn't have any information regarding the changing process of the Date Of Birth at that time. Other factor regarding not applying for changing of Date Of Birth at that time was money factor (as I have indicated earlier that my parents were not even able to afford my education so was the long legal process of Date Of Birth change). Now as I am earning money from my business, so that I can afford the legal process, I want to change it to the real which is [deleted]. I have done all my education from my home in the form of self study and got my school education only in class 9th and 10th. Again after 10th class, I did my 11th and 12th from home study privately from state board due to money issue. So, please tell me the full procedure for the Date Of Birth changing process by court as CBSE has passed new rule that the change in Date Of Birth in 10th document can only be done through court. Thank You