Wife filled false dowry case

Hi, We are basically from Bihar and I work in Pune. We got married in April 2015. Since then ,nothing going good between us.She always used to fight me for petty things . She is of nature that if she wants anything that time, u have to fulfill it at any cost. Several times, we had a fight because of this which I couldn't fulfill. She always used to talk with my patents rudely which no son can listen. But despite of this, we were thinking that everything will be good as time passes. We have a 2.5 month old baby girl. On several occasion he had refused to go to my native places and she ended up in fighting. Her demands are so high that I end up in buying the costly jewellery for her. Last time , I though we should spent some time together, I went home to get her back to Bangalore. Booked tickets for both of us but at last moment her brother and mom came and told they will not let go her daughter with me as I will kill her . she also started talking non sense and left me . that day I was hospitalized also even though she didn't though of me. Now, she has filled a dowry case against us. 1.What all option I had to prove her that the allegation is false?Do I need travel to my native if hearings start? I have few phone conversation clips and video clips of her which shows her nature towards me and my family. 2. What all I can do for the child custody?