Can i go for uncontested divorce ?

Hello , Could someone advice the best to my situation ? i had got married in last feb , me and my husband have lot many differences, I should get him as my grand father, his old traditional living style makes me uncomfortable all the times, he is a short tempered guy, he shows it by being silent [jail concept-not talking to wife/making her lonely etc etc ].. finally i have decided to get separated by him , but parents forced to fail case at women police station in my native, so though i didn't wanted to put false allegation against my husband , i was forced by parents to file case against him , unluckily he got my compliant letter , which he read line by line before proceeding to court , so now the situation has become much worst , and all together now my husband doesn't believe me/ my words.. in this situation i could not bear mental torture [no physical torture by husband] either side [parents/spouse] by steady continuous abusing statements by husband , getting depressed each and every minute, time is not moving , feeling all lonely , So i want a separation/divorce , i don't want money at all not even the dowry i had given but i need a peaceful life with little care and affection which i am missing I am ready to accept and give a written statement , reg false allegations Please give your valuable advises to stay positive in life and move forward for the rest of life