Not issuing an OBC NCL certificate based on 'looks'

I had to get an OBC-NCL certificate to submit to a higher education institute for my PhD applications. I was directed by the tehsildar's office to the village office where I reside- in kerala- and get the required documents and affidavits. Upon going to the village office, I was told that 'I don't look poor' and hence will not be given a certificate. I am unemployed, belong to a caste that is listed as OBC in both state and central lists, and do not own property and am not married. They also cited reasons like I cannot possibly be financially troubled since: a) I received education under CBSE schools b) till 10th grade, I studied in UAE as my father worked there until the recession in 2008 and shifted back to India after losing everything c) I look fair d) is well dressed e) has already completed my bachelors in a reputed university in Chennai- I got the seat under merit and had a fee concession but doesn't have any paper work that proves that. f) I speak english fluently At one point, the village officer, herself a woman asked me why I am planning on studying instead of getting married. My father is not employed anymore, my mother has always been a homemaker, and we don't have a steady income. The income at present is mainly out of agriculture and and interest from a couple of Fixed deposits- which amounts to a total of 200000 INR. The house we stay in is owned by my father. What am I to do? The tehsildar's office has informed me that they will sign and issue the certificate as soon as the village office processes everything. And I need to submit this by May 10th.