Mental harrasment by Mother In Law

I had been married in 2015.From the first day of my marriage my mother in law start mentally harrasing me. First it came taking care of household chores, she started interfering regarding my work (household chores , my dressing, every single thing, she points me. Due to 3 months frustration everyone suggest me to join any company, I joined , Now they are expecting I should have to do all household chores also, & if i am not able to do, then i should not work outside , She never allowed me to keep a maid, though I was ready to bear all the expenses. Every time she insult my parents..She says like my parents don't love me , they didn't give us anything (dowry) . I 'll accept u only when you stop talking with your parents & many times she force me to break the relation with my parents. At the time of marriage , they insulted my parents publically , after that both side didn't speak. My parents tried once, but due to my mother's in law dominating nature, my father in law also didn't speak .She don't allow me to go my native also, she ask me to go alone if I want but not with husband . she has started doing weird thing. At each moment she finds fault in me..when my husband tried to make her understand , than both reacted worst & said he changed due to me. I create a wall between mom & son. She abuse me & when I wanted to speak regarding this to my husband & father in law , she ask not tell anything to father in law as he is heart patient. on other side , she complaint about me to father in law. Whenever we go outside , she get tempered & create a scene , do all weird things. Now its 1 yr completed still no changes at all on her. Whenever any function is there , she behaves normally to show off other, & immediately after function over , she comes to her real character. I don't know what to do with her. Twice or thrice I tried to speak calmly on this matter , but she don't want to listen at all. What to do , pls suggest