Precaution to be taken after filing judicial separation 4 cruelty

The facts: 1. I have filed for Judicial separation on grounds of cruelty last week. 2. She refused to accept the court notice from the postman 3. She has been threatening me and my mother with filing false cases 4. I am staying at a hotel. Also the process to install CCTV cameras are on. Once installed, I will shift back. 5. I live in a rented house where the rent is being paid from my mother's bank account. 6. I have filed complaint that she has been threatening me and refused to accept court notice. My immediate objectives: 1. To safeguard myself and mother from false cases. 2. To evict her during the tenure of the case 3. To somehow serve her the court notice Suggestions I have got so far: 1. File an injunction. What is the benefit of injunction? 2. Ask mom to file police complaint against her for intimidation and domestic violence. Then File a court complaint under 156(3) and I become the witness 3. Ask mom to File an eviction suit Pls guide. Thanks and regards