Falsely accused of Drinking and Driving

I was stopped by the Pune traffic police in suspicion of drinking and driving. I fully cooperated for a breathalyzer test and accepted having a pint of beer some time back which is under acceptable limits. Upon testing with the 1st breathalyzer machine twice, the reading showed up to be around 16, well under the limit of 30. Cops insisted on me retesting using a 2nd breathalyzer which I agreed to. Even on the 2nd meter, the reading was around 16. Even so, the cops claimed that I was violating the law and issued a notice to me under sections 185 and my passenger under section 188 of the motor vehicle act. I requested the officer to advice me of the law and how the meter worked, what readings are permissible and show me a print out of the alco meter reading. He outright refused to do any of this even though I believe it's my right to know why I am being served a notice. All other people who were caught that night for exceeding the alcohol limit, were shown the reading print out, a photo of the meter reading with them taken however neither of this was done for me. I have no history of such cases neither did I know this cop however I've been targeted for no fault of mine. I've been unlawfully penalised and my driver's license confiscated by the cops. Please suggest what I can do to cancel this notice and get back my license without paying any fine.