Hindu undivided family

Hi sir, My grand father were 2 brothers,elder one has no sons bug two wives,younger one (my real grand father)had 2 sons and two daughters, all married. As my elder grand father didn't had any sons or daughters,he took my father (as his legal heir)in front of some villagers and didn't had anything in writing. They (my grand father's)purchased a lot of propertys and two unit of business in different villages,one ran good and other was a kind of ok. out of which one piece of 18 acres of land was purchased in my father's name and same year a plot size of 60 ft x 60 ft was purchased in my uncle's name. Due to sudden death of my grand Father (real one) and my father (elder one).my uncle has used it as opportunity and gave us a shop that does not run well and made us suffer a lot,and I encountered a heavy loss...after which I was forced to sell the 18 acres of land which was in my father's name,due to some differences my uncle dint spoke to me at that time of selling but I told some villagers to ask on behalf of me to keep the land and pay me amount so that I can settle the payment to others.he said do what ever you want to I don't want any piece of land from it....I asked my elder grand father also(who took my father as legal heir),He was OK,but after some days my uncle started harassing us asking us to leave from home(60x60 ft land constructed by grand father in two portions with common terrace). I asked my elder grand father to tell him not to harass us like this he said that no one can vacate u from that house I m telling u it's my property,h3 also said verbally in front of me that he has not taken any one as his legal heir and he said that only son is alive is his son and after his death his share would be given to him only(i.e my uncle)after that he also expired... Now my three Grand mothers are there,(two from my elder Grand father and one from my younger grand father - own grand father's wife) on watching that no one is in my side my real grand mother gave her share of propertys to me by way of gift deed. But still the house we are staying is in my uncle's name(60x60) and he's still threatening to leave this house,I m feeling helpless coz no one is in my side and what ever I m doing my uncle is stopping me by hook or by crook...he simply wants us to vacate the house.....what should I do I m not getting...pls suggest a way that till the court decides he should not threat us and he should not interrupt in my business what ever I m doing....as I have not still put this matter in court. Pls help as soon as possible. Regards, Sai Kumar Mobile no- [deleted]