Hello folks, i have a case to discuss and seek opinion... facts of the case: 1. lady marries in 2004, divorced by court order in 2008 with one male child. maintenance not sought and not given by court. 2. a person whose wife died in 2014 somewhat marries the lady but only evidence is photograph and no marriage registration certificate or anything else. no issues with the person. 3. photographs depicts only a family pic and exchange of garland. 4. case filled by lady seeking maintenance allowance for herself and the child from the second person and not from the first one that too in nov 2015 and first hearing on 15dec. 5. divorce order with first husband filed in court in this case on 4th hearing i.e., 6th may. 6. court asks the respondent to submit income details. queries: 1. is the case maintainable as per law. 2. maintenance to be paid by whom first person or second person. 3. is the lady supposed to seek maintenance as many times she marries? 4. is the second person supposed to pay maintenance allowance for the issue which doesn't belong to him? 5. what are the other aspects related to the case? pl opine, very urgent