Seniority of direct recruitees

Advertisement for Assistant Engineers comes in Dec 2006 for 250 Posts . Written test held on 21-01-2007 , Eligibility was 50% for General and 40% For Reserve catagory. In Adv it was mentioned that The board reserve the right to modify alter above mode of rect as well no of posts etc. The board give joining to the assistant engineers General with 50% & Reserve with 40%. The about 60 Posts left vacant the board relaxed eligibility criterion to 45% For General and 35% For reserve. Then remaining posts filled with relaxed cretirion. Board made seniority in 2010 on merit basis But 60 Assistant Engineers were kept at end of 190 Asst.Engineers who joined First irrespective of fact that 31 nos General catagory assistant engineers who secure more marks(45 To 50%) than Reserve Catagory Assistant engineers with 40 to 45% Marks. The petitioners who are General with 45 To 50% seeking seniority than Reserve Assistant engineers with 40 to 45% Marks as selection as well as advertisement is single.No subsequent advt/ Corrigendium published by Board.