Brides father threaten to file a case against the Groom's family

Hi, I am looking answers for the following situation: Two families join together and have arranged the wedding of a boy and a girl. They are engaged (ceremony arrangement costs borne by the bride's family). Except Engagement rings and few pair of cloths nothing else was exchanged. Due to unfortunate situation, the boy could not reach India for wedding. (Situations well understood by both parties). Bride's family (except the bride's father) agreed to wait. Now the Bride's father is harassing the Grooms family for the compensation in terms of loss for the arrangements made at the wedding and even threatening them that he would drag them to court. NOTE: 1. The Bride and Groom still want to marry each other.(Against the will of the Bride's Father though rest of her family supports the Bride). 2. Both the families (excluding the Bride's Father) are on good terms of wedding. Now these would be the following questions: 1. Can the Bride's Father legally file a case against the Groom and his family with out the Bride's consent? 2. Can he legally ask for compensation though the bride and groom would be married to each other in the nearing future? Thanks in Advance. Looking forward for a reply.