Husband wants to live seperately

At in laws home we are 3 there,me husband & MIL. Sister in law is married having 3 children. My MIL is living at her mother's town since my husband was 2yrs old & after my father in law was murdered by husband's uncles. She left with her brother but now having family conflict with brother also. MIL suffers a lot, learnt with children ,teach them & also got a job of primary teacher. (My husband told this to me before marriage). I am class 2 gazetter officer at state govt & my husband is clerk at bank. Also I have 3.35 lakhs car debt before marriage & we have told it to them also. ( EMI 10000Rs) & car is at my parents home. My salary account is at my husbands branch from before marriage,so he knows all about my salary. My husband & me lives at 250km away in another city cause of job. My husband proposed me for marriage. I refused him once. After 1 & 1/2 month he again proposed me.I told him to ask my parents with his biodata & relatives & come to my home. Whether he is clerk he appreciated my post before marriage. He told me to think like a common girl & not like an officer. He promised me not to make me regret after marriage & his family respects women equally & will take care of me. After both family meetings we got married on 5th May 2015. My parents told his mom that I haven't done any household works before. After marriage I did household works as possible as I can. But my MIL always scolded me,insulted me & my parents. Husband supported me 3-4 times at starting but within 2-3 months of marriage he left me alone & I also didn't answered MIL anything'even a word. After 2 months of marriage husband demanded money from me to give it to his mother saying MIL is suffering housing loan alone. ( Known about loan before marrige) I had transfered money on his account but he said that I m keeping proofs. After that I had given a cash twice. n now I will do it for each month because all people told me while family discussion ( before 2 months)about our conflicts. My husband is totally mumma's boy. But at the time of marriage he opposed his mother a bit & get a permission. MIL wanted him to marry with another girl. He loved me a lot. He prayed to God to live with me forever. But now a days he is too negative about our relationship & day by day it's getting worse. He is saying I can't give you anything not even emotional physical happiness & he don't want this relation. From last 4-5 days he is not taking meal & saying to suicide. MIL says you both are there & I don't know anything between you. MIL told him lie about me & without any interaction he always quarrels with me. He is not spesking with me from last two months ,even not touching me whether we live together. Sleeps away from me. He was totally mad for me before marriage but after marriage MIL even not allowed us to go out together once. He was eager to dinner with me but now he avoids calls messages. He stays away from me. He said I had insulted him too much because of my post & salary & his friends taunting him cause of me. He is not loving ,caring me. he is not treating me as a wife,even as a friend. His mother lies him about me. MIL hurts him giving reasons of my post & salary. But because of other people I m suffering from 2nd month of marriage. not a day with happiness. I love him too much & want to spent whole life with him. In April's 1st week our relatives and my parents had came. At that time he had said for divorce or living separately. But all told him to try once but nothing happens. it became bad..worse..worst.. No emotional attachment now..He does;t speak what he exactly feel and what he wants? All confusion Just because of his silence. He does;t express an d also never asks me about expectations. Now a days we are living just like room mates,no converstion ..even a word..He asked for half electricity bill And half rent of flat. He put half electricity bill on the table witout saying anything on last monday. I am not going to pay anything. Also I am not cooking for him from last Sunday. I just cook for myself. At night he just demands for sex without any conversation. He touches me but i dont respond him and nothing happens betweeen us after my refusing then we sleep beside each other silently. He don;t ask me call me and nothing. Just pin drop silence in the flat since last 3 weeks. I just want to know what exactly happened to say to live seperately. Want to knoe what exactly happened for this silence. I can't know what he exactly want and why. He doesn;t speak a word with me or any relative. How should i be free from this ridiculous situation. Please help me..I can't bear it now..