Owner not returning deposit money

Hi, I had a house on rent in Bangalore since October 2012 with a deposit of 80000 and refundable after deducting one month's rent as painting charges. We lived there for three years and vacated the house on 1st January 2016. The owner has since been asking for just a little more time for returning deposit and has been 4 months since. Since we had moved out of Bangalore, there was not much I could do. He has always agreed that we had given him 80000 as deposit and after whatever deductions he will pay the amount. We have also LOST the agreement. Now he is saying that agreement mentions 5% increase in rent every 11 months , but he has never increased rent so he wants all that money as dues for the last two years. This is just unacceptable and when previously he had asked about increasing rent we had clearly stated that we dont want to continue if he wants to increase rent. at that time he had agreed. Can you suggest what kind of action I can take? should I complaint to the police or send him a legal notice?