Husband do not earn and pay expenses for house and kid's needs

My husband is a music producer . I got work rarely say once in 6 months . He doesnot even want to do any job . My daughter is 10 months old he had never spent a penny on me or my daughter. He force me to ask for money from my mother. My mother had already paid so much in 2 years of my family . For a year my mother is sending me money for house rent, food and daily needs. If i force my husband to find a job my husband and my mother in law start teaching me gujarati culture that in gujarati culture only girl's parents have to bare the expenses of living of their daughter n her children . My husband left house last week and went to his home town where his mother stays because my mother was not able to send me money . He threatened me that he will give me divorce and my daughter will have to spend life without father . My mother in law and sister in law provoke my husband all the time as they don't like me ...our marriage was love marriage . Please suggest me how can i save my marriage and my daughter's future