False Case Filing Done

This is regarding a situation w.r.t. a college incident where my father joined freshly on a seat of supdt. My father is a retired government employee. He started working with a college where he was given roles and responsibilities of an employee who was not performing well. Other than that the employee is a nuisance to the college and management wish to take fire him for his wrong doings. One fine evening my father called me up and told me that he was beaten up by employee. Hearing which i rushed to the college where management principal and other staff along with us went to police station and got FIR registered. Irony is, that fellow also registered a complaint in the court against 3 people; me, my father and one of the college personnel with non bailable offences. He has done it so that we withdraw our case against his. He has been proposing the same as well. Now question is that i started my career as an entrepreneur 2 years back and my father is a retired person. Jumping into the mess is quite harassing for me and my family. Further this is a fight between college management and that employee where we got in between stuck somehow. Pleas help and guide how we can rescue this situation. Thanks in Advance.