Mental harassment by my mother in law

I got married in 2015 & it's an arranged marriage. After 3 months of my marriage, my mother in law started harassing me. My husband is a software employee & I'm also private employee. My husband is fully controlled under his mother. He blindly follows what ever right/wrong his mother says. He knows that his mother is wrong but he can't say it out. She use to take my entire salary. If I'm not in a position to give my salary then she will make my husband oppose to me. She hates when I go to my parents home. I should have to do whatever she tells including dressing, shopping, food, etc. If I'm not followed her words, then she will create the issues & make problems. After few months of my marriage, I got pregnancy. I thought to tell this news to her first. When I called her, she said that she won't listen this good news( already my hus informed her before me). My husband is good but have no individuality. He also gives his salary to his mom. If she is taking our salaries then how can we live & how can we save our future. In my 9th month of pregnancy, I came to my parents home. Till before, my hus is very good with me & took lots of care for me & baby. After coming to my parents home, from the day1 he stopped talking to me. No calls & no SMS. I'm blessed with a boy even though he did not come to see his child. My hus can never oppose to his mom. I'm sure that my mother in law is only stopped him to see his child. Now my child is 3 months old. Pls advise me how can I take an action on them.