Dispute Between Brothers

Hi, I live with my mother and father on a property registered in the name of grand mother(Alive). My father are 3 brothers. One has been living in Gujarat since 30 years and very rarely visits us. Eldest brother lives with us on the property with my dad being the youngest. My grand mother does want to make a will. Since the eldest brother separated after a family matter 10+ year ago grandmother has been living with us. Even though the eldest bother lives on the same property they practically have no relations with grand mother. I want to know, after grandmother, will the property still be divided equally among all the brother even when they havent been looking after neither the mother nor the property. My father takes care of the entire property. Also, is it possible for the brother in Gujarat to file a property case in Gujarat and make to court to seal the property. Could it happen that we may have to leave out house? Also since the grand mother has been in care of my father for last 15-20 years, does that give us any privilege or we just did social service?