Defecement of private property

It is a election time in tamilnadu. My area DMK Councillor painted their allies congress symbol and candidate name on my road side facing wall and backside wall without my knowledge. Since I don't want to any kind of writings in my wall and also a government school teacher, I approached my Councillor on the same day and asked him how can he paint on my walls without my permission in a polite manner but he didn't spoke to me in a proper way and asked me to do whatever I can. He also said that he did with another DMK person who is millionaire and soft thereten me by detailing his wealth. Meanwhile the AIADMK persons who were earlier approached me for the same reason questioned me how can I give permission to DMK if I can't give them as a government teacher. As not getting proper response from the Councillor, I filled a complaint with election commission. EC took immediate action and forward my complaint to taluk office and local police station. Taulk office persons along with VAO whitewashed my wall immediately and took photos and videos of before and after whitewashed. In police station the SI made FIR. As a sufferer and insulted person and underestimated as a visually challenged person I want to make the Councillor to be answered to me and need his personal apologize. When I expressed my concern to SI he says he filed a FIR and he will investigate who behind it and I no need to involve and do nothing. (In their wall writings they just mentioned that it was by village DMK and not any of their name. ) my questions are 1. how can I brought this person before law. 2. Can SI close a FIR without my knowledge since I made complaint to EC and not to the police. 3. What is the legal procedures and under which act these kind of encroach will come. 4. Can I appoint a lawyer and express my concern in court when the case come to court. 5. Can I claim any compensation because again I should paint my walls with exterior weather guard paint, they just whitewashed.