Apollo Hospital medical negligence leading to death

I am writing about my uncle who died on 25th April 2016 i Apollo hospital in Delhi. He was undergoing a kidney transplant operation on the 21st April. after the operation he was not waking up from General Anasthetic. Any layman person knows maximum would be 2-3 hours. Family were not allowed to go in and staff were not respondong to any questions. I live abroad and desperately was asking my family to ask the medical team what is happening and if he is not waking up it could be some kind of stroke or something and a scan shuold be performed. Approxiamtely 7 hours later they realised "something was wrong" and did a scan which showed bleeding had occured and an immediate operation was needed in their words within the hour. This was at 3am IST. For that they needed 3 lakhs on the table before they could start. My uncle did not have insurance and we were privately paying, as we had been for the whole pre operation tests and admission. He could not escape anywhere. However after insisting money will be there they still INSISTED money should be there to which someone physically had to go. Every second his brain was dying. when payment finally happened they said operating theater was in use. Eventually a craniotomy was performed around 8am IST. For the two days (sat & Sun) he was kept on a ventilator with no explanation each day. There was no improvement. It was very clear that the brain had not started communicating with the rest of his body. They said only on Monday will the doctor come to give a verdict. On the 25th the neuro doctor confirmed in writing patient was brain dead. Now we just wanted him to die in peace and dignity. However the hospital Refused to say he was dead and wanted him to leave the hospital with ventilator etc to say he left as a living person. You can imagine how traumatic this was the family. They knew our city we lived was 6 hours drive. They insisted if we needed the patient we had to pay for an ambulance with ventilator and doctor. If then we wanted to on the way we could ask the doctor to disconnect... clearly something they are used to asking. They were just wanting to siphon money out of us. Eventually at around 9pm my uncle left in the ambulance and as soon as ambulance reached Moradabad a city my uncle was disconnected. It was a horrible and devastating time for our family. i have reports with me but not actual scan. I do not understand why they waited so long. Also his reports show that pre operation none of his results were in the range it should be. Was it safe to still continue? and lastly how could they wait to operate.