Housing society rules

Thomas mulan Zachariah 408/B Asha deep Near Silver park signal Mira bhayandar road east Thane 401107 Dear sir Sub- Intimidation assault harassment at Housing Society by secretarty Violation of civil and fundamental rights I am staying at Ashadeep CHS (Ostwal Ashadeep co op housing society regn no.TNA (TNA) HSG TC 20742/2008-09) opposite Vijay sales near Silver park signal Mira road east. I have been facing problems from the Secretary and some committee members for a long time. Every rule of housing society act is violated namely - no election provisional committee of 2010 continues for 6 th year.No audit in 6 months of a/c closure no quotation and approval by gen body for works above 20,000/ - not giving copy of quotation, or order asked for. Secretary claims veto power and charges compound interest. Not a single question asked by any member or committee member.One member Mr Lopez shop owner threatened at society office in my presence another tenant B wing threatened and forced to leave and another member B wing Mr Varimoni asking for audit called to society office and threatened.Myself assaulted and threatened for complaining to registrar. Several complaints sent to Dy registrar Thane, joint registrar new Bombay and Commissioner of housing societies Pune even to minister for co operatives. As there was no action complaint forwarded to Hon Chief minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis on 23.2.15 by e mail. Office of Chief minister forwarded complaint to registry dept.on 24.2 15. by e mail Still no election done or audit done and compound interest continues Committee is run by people not owning flats. I had dropped a written complaint on .. to society letter box regarding election ,audit, compound interest and one person continuing as secretary without election for years etc. so I was not given key to repair TV antenna at terrace forcing me to take cable connection. On 24 -4- 15 I was called to society office through watchman to be intimidated and beaten up. On reaching staircase I was confronted by 4 people and assaulted threatened by the secretary and committee member for asking for quotation and sending complaint to Dy registrar. I was told to sell the flat and leave the society and my water will be cut off by committee member who should be serving the members. Violation of right to property under civil rights Complaint was registered with Kashimira police station NC 756 dated 24-4-15 I am threatened against complaining to Registar of co op societies Thane because society will be taken over by administrator and these people lose power. As police said they can only give a warning private complaint was filed with Hon. District court Thane On 25-5-15 under IPC 323 , 506 and 34 –case no. OMA/355/15 Complaint sent by e mail to onlinecontact @thane police .org on 19.5.15 showing history of illegal acts by the secretary. Again my sons cycle costing 5000 stolen from society premises which I presume as an act of harassment against me on sept 8 complaint sent to kashimira police station . No clues even with 3-4 cameras and 3 watchmen. Even after police complaint and filing of case at Hon. D istrict court Thane I was harassed by not giving key of staircase when shifting house hold furniture on july 18-2015 and also prevented entry of tempo to society premises by same accused persons.Complaint was sent to Kashimira police station on Aug 6- 2015 Staircase is having collapsible grill with lock to be opened when shifting furniture.Normal opening for people only. I wish to bring this to the notice of eminent citizens and peoples representatives to put an end to this. This Hsg society is behaving like a criminal gang . This problem is present in too many housing societies that few people take control, never leave posts held or hold election and intimidate assault people to continue keeping control on the finances of society for their personal gain. The common members are easily intimidated and huge majority is unaware of rules.The housing society act remains on paper no implementation of the basic requirements also even after repeated complaints. Secretary says “maim kiska bap ka naukar nahim. tu kaun. “ come to office I will show you . Tum kya complaints kar rahe ho minister hai kya .He does not answer my phone. If my wife calls from her no he answers When chairman was asked a question about some alterations being made by society hereplied - we are opening a beer bar. But this chairman has no flat in his name. I was a committee member . I did not resign but another person appointed by secretary as member . No problem for any member,People are afraid because water will be cut off parking denied and assaulted if they ask anything.No respect for people or law. How should I make payments to a society run illegally. Not auditing accounts within 6 months of financial year or continuing without election should be an offence and should be punished. Disconnecting water supply should be punished immedaitely on complaint being verified.Hon court said it is a fundamental right on water disconnection complaint against by housing society by an advocate in mumbai - report in T.O.I by Nishikant karlikar in jan 2016. Report by Priyanka kakodkar in TOI dated jan 11-2016 about Pooja misrra being denied entry to flat by windsor tower hsg society Lokhandwala. In my building I was ridiculed by same people in the name of Anna hazare for asking questions saying- topi lagao Anshan karo. Society should display at the office the address of registrar and also subjects on which complaint can be sent to him thus differentiating police complaint subjects. Similar conditions prevailed in Dombivli , Thakurli , Golden nest Bhayandar and Kandivli where I have stayed. Astonishing that nothing happens on complaint. Now again threatens to disconnect water supply for non payment of dues. How do I make payments to a society not auditing accounts or holding elections. No responses from registrar or commissioner. Thanking you Thomas m.z. 7208764922