Not returning security deposit

Hello sir we are facing the problem of advance security deposit. the landlord wants to forfeit the money. he we complained him that you are charging so much electrcity bill which is not air in any term. he told us to vacate the house by end of month we said ok , we will vacate , on last day we had asked for advance ,he said he will give us on 5th of next month. when we talk to servants they are saying he wont give and he will fight with you. we checked on internet too , same comments has been posted by all the north indians that he is not returning the money, its like a harassment for us sir i am from jaipur , so i thought you can give us a best advise. he has some poltical connection here and some local police guys are also helping him , we are alone here , we are the students and doing our study's please sir let me know what we can do in that case ? we will fight unless and untill he will not accept his mistake please put some torch on the remedy available in that case despite he has a political connection. looking forward for the revert