Threatening Call from Adobe License Compliance Consultant

Dear Concern, I want to inquire, if I can log a case and complaint against Adobe and the representative for making Threatening calls? I run a Sound Recording Studio in New Delhi, India. I received a call from Adobe, I asked the person Sahil Bhat to call back in 30 minutes as I was in discussion with few clients. After listening " Call me Back" the person started shouting me and telling me loudly that "You are using adobe software, reply my email else it wont be good for your business". I asked him that we solely working for Audio services and we do not use their softwares. He started shouting and abusing over phone and told us that he is checking our website where we have mentioned video services. There, I told him that we are outsourcing videos, if get any on commission basis. (These all happned in front of client, which took us on loosing the deal) But he didnt listen to me at all and started threatening that If I wont tell him the usage, it wont be good for my business. I sent him email with studio photographs and details and also asked him to visit and check the premises. But he is still on same pace and sending me emails regarding compliance issue. He is a representative from Denave India Pvt. Ltd. and claiming they work for Adobe to handle License compliance issue. My question is: When we are not using their softwares, how they can threat us. Or even if someone is using, Can they threat that person? When I asked him to call after 30 minutes, he started shouting over phone, knowing that I am in meeting, which leads a business lose for us. I want to know how I can take action against them? Please help.