My Biological parent have been unfair and Parcial.

#1 - As far as i can recall there was never been any sort of emotional relation and even emotional support to me since i was in 4th or 5th standard at school. #2 - My parent have always been strong enough financially to support me when i needed them but they always made fake promises and excuses when the time comes to carry their promises. #3 - I did my part always but they never did their part as they did promise already. i tried to leave family and their house and their money peacefully, So that i can save myself but they stopped me and made fake promises just to hide their unfairness and save their social respect. #4 - I believe my parent are responsible in all manner for my spoiled life. #5 - I have been suffering mental harassment and emotional harassment all alone, but i do not want to suffer anymore. #6 - I want 50% of their total Property and total assets and total cash in bank and total cash in hand and also the total jewelry in bank and total jewelry in hand and every policy and every fund they posses or own and also every type of property assets jwelry and cash they posses or own. #7 - After that i want to go for "EUTHANASIA" or " SwekicchaMrityu " Please Help Me !!