Assualt case - Police not registered a case

On 10th April 2017 at about 7:30 Pm while me, my husband and my child were returning home in our car when a person who was coming on wrong side of the road on two wheeler without a helmet or a indicator lights almost dashed into our car. My husband applied brakes and no one or the vehicles got any damage (not even a scratch due to vehicle collision). However my husband asked the 2 wheeler driver to put the indicator on when he is crossing the road from the wrong side for that the 2 wheeler rider tried to put his hand into the car and pull the door. My husband stopped the car and when he got down he was assaulted by the person. We called the police car on duty and we reported them of the incident. They have asked the culprit and us to follow them to the Police station however on the way to the police station my husband fainted and we could not go. Due to the nature of the injury I got my husband admitted in the hospital on 11th April where a MLC was registered. Police visited to take the statement only on 12th April. I visited the police station as my husband was still admitted in the hospital due to a fracture and injury to his Eye. From then on I was going to police station time and again but they kept saying they will investigate or they will look at the CC tv footage. Finally on29th April the CI told my husband over the phone that a case was registered and the culprit was arrested and he is out on bail. However they did not give us the case number or copy of MLC even after requesting .Hospital is asking for a requisition from PS for a wound certificate and when CI told they arrested and let the guy out on bail the constable lady told us there was no case registered. How to proceed further on this?