Dear Sir, My wife having mental disorder problem called Physopironia paranoid-because of that she was treated by a phychotric in Nagercoil.Due to this disease (delusions,Hallucination,) We stayed in Valsad -Gujarat and She left my children alone and run away from house seven times without knowing to anybody. Lastly she went April 2011 from Valsad gujarat,and not return till date and I was looking after my childern. In November 2011 she filed a petision in Nagercoil (Tamil Nadu) court,in that wrongly mensioning both childrens were staying with her and asked for maintenance.In 2012 I filed a divorce petition as well as Guardianship petition in Valsad-Gujarat court for divorce and declare me as the real guardian for my children-Daughter 14 years and son 10 years old. In Oct 2013, when I went outside duty, she came to Valsad,Gujarat and forcefully taken away my both children without my knowledge by making wrong allegation against me,so now the childrens are not with me,staying with ex wife in Nagercoil. In December 2015 the Valsad-Gujarat court called the treated doctor from Nagercoil Tamil nadu,and confirmed her mental disorder problem, and granted divorce decree in Feb 2016. Now the Guardian ship petition is still pending in the Valsad-Gujarat court, but since i lost my job in gujarat,presently i am not staying in Gujarat.Also my ex.wife taken away my children to Nagercoil,now childrens are not staying in Vlasad-Gujarat. Now,when i wentt to Nagercoil-Tamil nadu to see my children, ex wife not allowing my children to contact / talk with me. She also instructed the school authorities, not allow me to contact the children in the school. Now i am requesting for an advise in the following points, 1) Since i legally divorced now,Can i proceed for second marriage ? If they appeal then what will happen to my second wife? 2) If I do second marriage can the court considered as this is a plus point for me to get back the children ? 3) Now my daughter is completing 12 th standard -She is a bright student/school first-so i want to admit her in a good college for her bright future-How can i help to my daughter? 4) Since i got the DIVORCE DECREE on Genetic mentel disorder grounds,I worried about my children,so as a preventive measure, i would like to monitor their beheviour also would like to consult with good doctor.How can i do this? 5) After my childrens attaining 18 years the guardianship will apply to them? afterwards what will happen to them? 6) In June 2012,When i file the guardianship petition, childrens were stayed with me in Valsad,Gujarat.I requested the court to declare me as a real Guardian.But even after received the court summens,in Oct 2013,when the matter is in the court. ex wife came to valsad and illegally taken away my children from my house when i was not in the house, So now my prayer will be "handover my children to me ,So, a) Can i request the court to continue the case as it is in Valsad court?please advise. b) Can i take any legal action against my ex wife for dishounareing the court?(she illegally taken away my children when the case is in the court) 7 Since myself and children are presently not staying in Valsad-Gujarat, is it possible to continue the guardianship petision filed in Valsad court in 2012.? 8) Since myself and children are presently not staying in Valsad-Gujarat, can i approch the valsad court for a visiting right to meet my children at Nagercoil? 9) Since the court procedure will take long time can i get any valunteer organisation help for speedy solution? Kindly advise how can I get back my children as soon as possible (through court or any organization etc.. Thanks,