Need a divorce

Hi , It's been almost 1.6 years of my marriage.. But my never stay with me not even for 1 week.just bcz I m doing job in Mumbai n he is doing nothing. When we married he was doing one that time also my salary was high.but I thought he will grow as everybody has bad phase of life.but after some time he left his job without telling or informing me...n gave excuses that his father is not well...then I said OK...and after 2 months of my marriage they people asking money from me...but I said no...bcz why I should I give my salary to them...I am myself burning my expenses and all never got any single help from my husband n in-laws side.From then to now things going worst and now when he started his business that I don't knw what he is doing n not...asking for divorce now....after spoiling 1.6 years of my life.My parents has spend whole of their savings on my marriage... Now I want my parents money back.they should realize it's not that easy to get divorce after spoiled someone life.Can you please help me out on this.