Divorece and second marriage

My fiancé had an affair before marriage which she did not disclosed to me. upon our marriage on the day of suhag rat she revealed me the truth, saying she is in love with a mushlim boy. Though I said her its fine forget the past and let us start a new life but she could never manage it as she was deeply in love with that boy and she married to me because of fear and pressure of her family. As she could never accept me due to my normal physical appearance she deserted my in the year 2013 December. I have already put a case in Noida court in the month of may 2014 for restitution of my conjugal right she got notice also but of no use. I am aging 36 now if I don't marry at this age again I will not have a kid who could care me at my old age. pls tell me whether I can get married again before the divorce decree as it seems it may take another many years before I get decree. whether a common innocent indian does not have any sexual need and desire I stay all the alone in the city what should I do pls advice. seeing my pith condition since last 2and half year a girl is ready to get married to me. pls kindly suggest.