Unique Marriage

Hello, First of all, I appreciate everyone's time and courtesy to respond to our concerns. We really need sound advice that is hopefully not conflicting with what others have told us. Here are the facts: I live in the US and my fiancé’s permanent residency is in Kerala, India. She is an Indian Citizen, but currently works in the UAE. We desire to hold a Christian marriage ceremony in Goa in October 2016. The minister who will officiate our nuptials is from UP and will issue a marriage certificate from the church. The church is also based in UP. The church is a legal entity in India, meaning, they can marry and bury. We do not desire to live in India once the marriage is over. We want to live in either America or the UAE (Dubai). Here are my questions: 1. Is the church certificate legally recognized in India for registration? If so, what is the process for someone who has permanent residency in Kerala? I understand, for practical reasons, the church certificate will suffice in stating we are married. However, with regards to legal registration, extra steps are required. Having said that, 2. Since my fiancé is from Kerala, is it easier to register the marriage in Kerala or, is it easier to come to the USA and complete the legal work in the US. The legal work in the US involves the following….go to the county clerk’s office, file for a legal marriage license, then get married in front of the clerk and be done (this would take a matter of hours). Or, 3. After the religious ceremony is complete, is it possible to get the registration done in Kerala and get it registered legally? Or, do we have to file an intended notice of marriage to solemnize and wait 30 days and then come back to the India (from our respective countries) and appear before the judge or an official authority at the local jurisdiction office to produce a certificate? No. 3 seems to be a painful hassle. The main issue is the certification of marriage for legal purposes such as moving from one country to another, home loans, etc. What is the best way to handle registration? Again, thank you for your help.