I purchased some land (3 Acres) in 2007 and it was registered on March 30 and April 30, 2007 in two phases with my name. In 2015 NHAI acquired the land for widening of road. Due to some mistake at DRO (district revenue officer) office (computer mistake which was admitted by DRO) amount of 35 Lacs were transferred to my account while about 23 Lacs got transferred to old owner in Jan 2015. I was not aware about the money details but after three months I came to know that I received only part payment. I complained to DRO office to give me total money but nothing happened. After about 2 months in May 2015 DRO office issued notice to old owner to return the amount and then filed an FIR against that person. I filed a case in CJM court in August against DRO, patwari and old owner and asked to return my amount because I was supposed to get amount from government and not from old owner. My case didn't progress in last 9 months. The old owner got anticipatory bail as FIR (Crpc 420) against him was lodged by DRO. On April 21, 2016 the High court cancelled his anticipatory bail and asked him to co-operate with police. Police failed to nab him and on April 25 he committed suicide by consuming poison and in suicide note accused me for his suicide. I had no contact with him, never met him in last 9 years, not even telephonic contact. On 26 th April I got call from one police officer and he enquired me if I know him and told me that he committed suicide. Though no FIR has been lodged yet, but what should I do? Can I held responsible for his suicide? Thanks