Hi, I got married last year with a girl I was dating from last 8 years. After six month of marriage she started fighting with me on small issues. She was supplying information against me to her parents on daily basis. I tried to end fight every time but she always tried to test me. When she asked me to leave her I doubt her intentions and checked her google history and found she was dating another boy before marriage and she was still dating him I have photographs of both she accepted that she was in relationship with him but I do not have the recording but I dropped her with all series of happenings and she did not denied that on email. After coming to know about her relation I tried to forgive her but she told her parents that I forcefully try to make relation with her and once I slept her so she is making issue of these now now I am afraid since I feel she is making ground for domestic violence case. Can I fill petition on the basis of photograph and how can I defend myself from DV case if she files.