Boundary wall in my grandfather land

We live with our 8 family members in dum dum cantonment,we have 8 house all property is divided among our grandfathers and their brother.we have a common passage which is used by us and as well as it is our land but our neighbors using this common passage as it is short cut to road.their land has another common passage which is shown in their site plan but they are try to forcefully use this recently municipality constructed sewage and road so they are trying to claim that they can do anything on this road as road is constructed by local municipality. we have addition land beside the road so we are decided to put a wall beside the road so they cannot use the road then our local councilor and local ward committee supported us then they put a case against us as the wall is illegal construction and also they send a notice under ipc 144(2) so we have to stop the construction.they continuously teased us and they are kinda slut family we dont want to talk to question is that anyone can use the road or only legal owners use this road?