Seniority of direct recruits in the light of dopt o.m. dated 4th

Sir, a proposal for recruitment of 4 Dy. Directors (3 Gen. + 1 OBC) in Planning Department, Delhi Government was sent to UPSC in April, 2012. But UPSC enquired that first Delhi Government decide whether the OBC of out side Delhi is eligible for OBC quota and returned the proposal with the comments that "requisition proposal is treated as closed and Department may submit the fresh proposal after the decision taken by Government i.r.o. OBC." After that Department send the proposal for recruitment of 3 Dy. Directors of GENERAL category excluding OBC in September, 2012. But the said proposal also have some short comings and the same was also returned by UPSC with remarks - " requisition proposal is treated as closed and Department submit the refresh proposal for all 4 posts including OBC after proper decision regarding eligibility of OBC and other observations of UPSC." After clarifying all queries of UPSC and taking the decision on issue of OBC, a fresh proposal was sent to UPSC in November, 2013 which was accepted by UPSC and advertised in March, 2014. Interview aws held in August, 2014 and successful candidates joined in Department in the month of December, 2014. These vacancies were vacant since 2006-07. My question is - whether the seniority to all these 4 DRs will be given from 2006-07 or 2012-13 or 2013-14 or 2014-15 ? Please reply.