I am terminated from company

I have join a company called send my gift as a outbound telecaller and manager and team leader terminated from my job just because i am not performing - the incidence is like that - one before the termintion my manager come to me and ask me for number of sale made by me and i replyed till now no sale is done so he told me to do 4 free sample for the customer in one hour. i have done 3 on that given time. that day they don't say any thing to me but no next day when i am again come for work the provide me number set to call - i have dialed 100 number but no able to do any sale on that day. at 2 o'clock i when for new number sheet . my team leader - told me take what ever sheet you want to take and give me 5 sale till 5 o'clock other wise you need to meet with the hr . so casually i told why u are waiting till 5 o'clock just met with the hr right now, my team leader told me to let's go , but once i am not wise to go, but he again force me to come for the HR. i went there, hr is not there so they ask to some other staff for NOC paper and the give it to me and they told me to write resignation later. but i denied to do so- saying " i don't have any problem to working here so why i am resigning , you have problem so you should have to terminate me " then they told me to fill the NOC for and go you temination is done we will give this termination later to hr. if u require u can come later, i done the same. then on next day at evening i came to hr for met regarding this and they told me that you are terminated for take this NOC form and get the sign of every department and give it to me . so your termination will be over. i ask them for the termination later but they not give to me saying - that u are not completing your 2month so we not give u any later. they only give me the Xerox of that NOC later . i am join the send my gift company in on [deleted] and terminated on [deleted]. hr told me that u will get the salary till [deleted]. i came on that day and later on when i went to on [deleted] HR told me to met with the account section i go and met with them .He told me that u will get the salary after 45 days from date of termination. and he told me this very angrily and told me that next time u don't come to me directly other wise i will got give your salary and come with the hr only. to me . and go from here now. come back from there so i want help on getting my 20days salary. it will be around 9000 rs. because i am a struggling software engineer. done my MCA, and looking for job. so 9000 rs is very important for me. as they told they will give me after 45days later only so is this right to wait till that day. and also i heard that that company is going to close because of financial issues. so should i need to wait till that date. This company is registered in MCA site should i need to file a complane against this company in labor court please suggest me help me., i am a struggling job seeker. help me to bring my money back thank u