Unncessary Replacement Of Bike Parts By Service Center.

On 29th April 2016 one of my employee committed a small accident where he was trying to overtake and his handle touched other guys (3rd party) bike and 3rd party fell down. The 3rd party was kind enough and we compromised saying we will take responsibility of getting it repaired right away. Then we had been to the showroom service center and we told the service guy that the bike fell to its right and showed the damages. The damages all I could see is 1) Handle slightly bent 2) Scratch on front brake lever 3) Brake pedal Bent completely 4) Scratches on crash guard We also told the service guy that the incident took at a speed of 10km as it was traffic filled road. What service guy told next shocked me, He said handle bar must be changed, brake pedal, T-steam (which happens to be inner part of the bike which holds the handle and front forks), He made a estimation of 4,500 . This was huge for such small accident. I repeatedly asked him how can such low speed accident damage the vital part of the bike so easily. He started speaking ignorantly and even the 3rd party people now started worrying about their bike and wanted me to fix it there itself. I did it, payed the money and took back the replaced parts. I went ahead to my mechanic and showed this part and he said there is nothing wrong with it and also he said to damage this part accident should occur in atleast 60-70 km and straight on collision. I was right, This was just a Fraud from the service guy. I am planning to go to consumer court. But the problem is I am not the owner of the bike, Can I sue the service center? I have recorded the video of me confirming that the parts given back is from the bike. Also I asked them to give me a acknowledgement stating the same for which he denied. I asked him to mark or put a seal of there company to make sure these are the parts the provided and they denied. Now I have the video of this conversation, The replaced parts, I am not the bike owner. Am I eligible to sue the service center? What are the steps to take ?