Chances of bail when in JC in sessions court under sec 406,420

My uncle, has been framed in a case under sec406,420. he was arrested on 3 april , on 16th he was given JC...we are in sessions for bail. he along with one of his suppliers had gone to chennai and there the supplier(S) had sold goods to the buyer (B) and my uncle was a broker in this transaction. but unfortunately, he hais signed a kacchha pauuti of goods received on approval from S. now at the tme of payment this B didnt pay but he handed over 2 cheques to S, the amount of which was almost dounle the actual amount to be paid. those cheques got bounced. S instead of filing 138, filed a complaint against my uncle in aug 15, then another complaint was fielid in oct 15 fir registerd based on oct 15 , in jan 16. on 3rd april my uncle got arrested. after time to time pc he was given jc on 16 april. now the Investigating officer (IO) is in touch with B and this buyer B is telling IO that he will come n pay but he needs time. B once called them to delhi but when a team of police officers alomg with my uncle went to delhi, he didnt turn up at the pre dicided place. but now they are strongly opposing my uncles bail in sessions court. the goods are with buyer B nothing can be recovered from my uncle. We have mentioned in court as weel our bail applicaton that we can be best witness against buyer B,.... 1)what are our chances of bail? 2)do sessions court judge go along lines of magistrate court only? 3)if the order is not in our favour , at the time of H'ble judge giving order, can our advocate request that we "deposit with prejudice" some percentage of disputed amount with court to prove our bonfide and to buy our liberty buy mortgaging our residence property? 4)would the sesions judge agree? 5) what are the chances in high court if the sessions baiil rejects under these circumstances? 6) can we requets court to allow us home JAIN food in JC, as we are jains and since birth for last 54 yeras my uncle has not eaten non jain food. even now in JC he just having roti n Curd which is a very insufficient diet? 7)wat are the chance court would allow jain food ? please advise urgently