Birth Certificate Fraud

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a situation where I see two birth certificates for a person. The original DOB certificate for 30-Sep-1987 doesn't include the person's name but has the details of father and mother and sex of the baby. The serial number of this certificate is 630. The fraud certificate which was obtained for a DOB 1.5 years earlier with DOB as 30-Jun-1986 which contains same details of father and mother and sex of the baby along with the person's current name etc but with same serial number as 630. Only the photo copy is available for this fraud certificate which is used by the person for all government correspondings including school, college certificates and passport etc. Funny part is the person's parents got married only in Apr 1986 but they got the fraud certificate in next 3 months. When I went to the municipality to retrieve the DOB, as the original wasn't having name, the officers rejected my request to retrieve the copy of it since the name is not available. They were looking for school certificate and ration card as proof which contains the fraud date 30-Jun-1986. Hence I wasn't helpless and returned. Also as a note the father of the person was an government employee who is retried now but had 2 cases against him at the time of retirement for misusing the government money. His gratuity was stopped due to his case wasn't over. I am unable to prove the fraud certificate if present with the municipality. Please guide me on to whom should I need to take this issue with. Either Education Department or raise RTI with municipality or raise Police compliant or I myself can file a dispute case against this person for cheating. I am terribly looking for an expert advise in this regard top proceed on next steps. Appreciate any sort of guidance in this regard. Thanking you.