PIL on Reservation quota

I want to file a PIL in SC of India. But i don't know how to file it? what is the procedure in detail? How much it costs? or Is it necessary to approach to any lawyer? I am going to file PIL regarding reservation given by states- Haryana to Jats, Rajasthan to Gujjars & Gujarat to Patels & i am sure next year Maharashtra will give it to Marathas as the protest languished because of Drought. Rather giving Reservation by states to specific general category people either to all(as given in Haryana) or who are economically backward class(as Gujarat state govt. provided to Patels) why not SC set a guideline or form a committee to study or review the reservation system to provide reservation to all general category economically backward class people in India.As the situation has changed over the time & people belong to open category but economically weaker which are higher in population suffering by reservation policy..which may so called 'Reverse Reservation' or 'Negative reservation' system & also the Reservation has become the tool of all political parties in India. And they are playing with the sentiments of people giving assurances during election or either way.Even the reservation given on recommendation of the Mandal commission left many castes uncovered & there were many flaws remained in it. E.g.Reservation was given on the census of India,1931... or Why SC doesn't ask Centre to set a dead line of reservation policy or where they failed to implement it.As 65 years down the line reservation policy not given a good result or failed to uplift the deprived people? & political parties every 10 years amending & extending the same... When our India will become a social equal nation? which steps govt is taking to bring the same? as it was the dream of Dr.ambedkar & P. Nehru.