No-Nominee - only heir and legal representative procedure

Hi, Our society is co-operative housing society in pune. Our flat was in the name of my father and nominee was my mother. Unfortunately both of my parents passed away within period of a month. My mother passed away first. So it becomes the case of no-nominee. I am the only son i.e. only heir of my parents And i don't find share certificate of the same. Few letters exchanged between me and society. My first question to all the lawyer gentlemen here is what comes first membership or issuance of share certificate ? My application of membership with proper format and idemnity bond is rejected by society. 2. second question is Society is asking me to pay 70000/- Rs to publish the notice in 2 local news papers having wide circulation ,according to bye law 35 of maharashtra co-operative societies. According to society only 'sakal'(Rs 50000/-) and 'Maharasshtra times'(Rs 20000/-) have wide circulation in pune. When i inquired in the market , 'Prabhat' is the paper where all these types of ads come and which costs much cheaper (Rs 5000/-) and also have wide circulation.Other paper 'Loksatta' is also costing around 5000/- only and which has wide circulation. So why should pay extra 60000/- to society ??? Can you please guide me what needs to be done here ???