Wife complaining to Police and Women Cell (SPUWAC)

Hi Experts, I got married 15 years back. It was an arranged marriage. I've a daughter who is 11 years old. I'm self employed and my wife is a teacher. I stay in my parents house with my parents who are 80 yrs and 72 yrs old. My wife has been fighting with me on petty issues and regularly abuses me and my parents. She also does not do any household work and neither contributes financially. By Gods grace I'm financially stable. My daughter studies in the same school in which my wife teaches. My daughters school fees which is subsidised is paid by my wife. My wife has a mother who stays alone and a younger sister who is married. Twice my wife has filled police compaints against me and my parents by dialling 100 alleging harrassment, violence and demand for money with the sole motive of getting me arrested. But when the police came they didnt arrest me because probably they didnt find any truth in my wives complaint, though they warned me. But no written statement of mine was taken by them. Now my wife has complained to the women cell and I've been asked to report to them next week. Compaint is filled under dowry demand, harrassment and drunkenness. My wife has also sent whatsapp messages to my relatives telling them that Im mentally torturing her and driving her to commit suicide. She lodged the complaint after my parents asked me to move out of the house alongwith my wife and kid as they were unnecerily being harrased and they could not take it anymore. Request you to please guide me on future course of action. What should I tell the womens cell when I meet them next week. Anything I need to take alongwith me when I meet them next week. Also my wife does not want to leave the house. what can be done if she refuses to leave the house. Thanks and Regards harrased husband