I aggrieved by my wife's conduct with another man

I wish to know the legal options before me, the facts of my case are as below, 1. We have been married for over 9 years, and have a daughter of 8years. 2. We have been staying together at our home in Mumbai. 3. Due to her work requirements she has been constantly out of base, while my area of work was in and around Mumbai. 4. Recently I have moved to Middle East, while my wife and child are continuing to stay in Mumbai. 5. My wife came in contact with one of her business acquaintances last year around Mar'15. 6. I saw her initial chats on WhatsApp with the guy, which i guess were mere exchange of pleasantries, and some casual remarks on looks and figure etc. for which I didn't express any apprehensions to my wife. 7. Later in the month of Aug'15, I came across some very personal messages from my wife and the guy, My wife wrote"How is my luv today", and some other equally disturbing messages from the guy..and also a voice message(i cudnt hear the message as other family members were around), below which my wife had generally commented. 8. I confronted my wife, to which she gave an excuse that her message was for her another female friend and by mistake gone to this guy, and then she continued with him just for fun. However, before I could ask her to play the voice message, she had deleted it. 9. After a lot of drama and chaos, it was decided that she will not be in touch with the guy again, and immediately SMS'ed him not to contact her as, I had a problem. 10. Thereafter, I casually inquired and also checked her phone, and she said the guy had not responded after that day. 11. However, 3 days back I gifted her a new fone on her birthday, and set it up for her. And after returning back to work, just to surprise her, logged into her google account, and was shocked to see daily exchange of selfies, and intimate porn photos etc. with the same guy. 12. The guy is based in Delhi, and my wife often needs to visit for work related matters. 13. She is in total denial, and I feel cheated and going through a complete emotional turmoil. Please advise the best course of action, and whether her electronic messages to her paramour can be considered as evidence against her for proving cruelty/adultry In the worst case scenario if I opt for divorce, what are the financial liabilities arising out of this. Regards,