Landlord wants us to evacuate house after a verbal discord.

Hi , We have been living in the house for past 1 year and 4 months. We had no problems prior to be.This month, a piece of POP fell off from the ceiling on our bed. Thankfully we were not at home. We told the owner about it on text but she didn't respond. A few weeks later she told us to transfer increased rent just 10 days before the rent is to be paid. Our 11 month agreement got expired in Jan itself and neither she or us thought of renewing it. One day our invertor socket stopped working because of which electricity was not coming. We asked the owner to send an electrician, In turn she said that she won't , that we must have not paid the bill which wasn't true as we did earlier that day. after a lot of heated argument ,she threatened that she'll make us to evacuate the house within one hour. my roommate called the police after which the disturbance was settled. Now she's asking us to pay the rent for next month also and saying that she'll deduct the damage from security. We are concerned that she'll deduct a lot of money even if there is no damage. Is there a proper protocol regarding this to which she can adhere while charging us for any damage. Are we liable to pay the rent even if she has two months of rent with her only. The rental agreement has been expired , what are the consequences of that.