Recovery by liquidator appointed under Maharashtra soc act

I was in service with a co-op bank in maharastra . I had taken housing loan from bank. The Interest rates were connected with memorandum executed between bank management union which has retrospective effect from date of execution for the period which is executed/applicable,The Management didn't given retrospective effect of interest rate for 2\3 consecutive agreement till date of liquidation. Bank went into liquidation and liquidator terminated my service in DEC 2011. After termination I worked on contract basis with liquidator. Liquidator continued to deduct my installment from my salary. until I left the contract in 2013 By the end of 2013 a notice under section 105 has been served upon me and my sureties who were my co-worker for recovery of outstanding amount..I attended the hearing and submmited my say about retrospective effect of interest rate which were not given by management till the date of liquidation The matter remain pending with liquidator for order.meantime state government issued transfer order of liquator and appointed new person as liquidator.The new liquidator didn't issued judgment order in respect of matter pending with earlier liquidator but issued fresh notice u/s 105 again.I attended the hearing and submitted my say. The matter was pending for order. Meantime commissioner of co op society has passed my compensation claim.The liquidator in charge directly adjusted compensation amount due to me and my suerty in my loan without issuing judgement order.I didn't received advice about adjusting my compensation. Now how can I take the matter to appellate court