General power of attorney

GENERAL POWER OF ATTORNEY WHEREAS, on account of death of my brother in law, late Shri. ------------------, I have inherited undivided half share rights in the landed property known as -----------, situated at --------, within the limits of ------------ Municipal Council, which is surveyed under survey no.---- of village having area admeausirng about ------ sq.mts. AND WHEREAS, due to my service, I am personally unable to lookafater and manage the said property. Therefore I hereby constitute, nominate and appoint SMT.-------------, W/o. late -------- aged about 67 years, occupation housewife, r/o. H.No.----- Ward No.-------; to be my lawful constituted Attorney in my name and on my behalf to do any one or all of the following acts, things and deeds mentioned hereinafter and that are to say: 1. To represent and act for me and on my behalf in the Civil or Criminal or Revenue or Survey courts, District courts, whether Original Appellate, in the Land Registration Office, Administrative Tribunal, Dy. Collector or S.D.O at ---------------Margao or Panaji. --2-- 2. To represent me before the Mamlatdar of Record of Rights or any other Government Offices of the State of Goa. 3. To appoint and to constitute on my behalf any Advocate or any legal Practitioner and to sign the respective Vakalatnamas in any legal matters. 4. To sign and verify any Plaints, Written Statements or Memorandum of Appeals, Petitions and Applications of all kinds and file them in any such Courts, Offices and Tribunals. 5. To Compromise, to file the consent terms, Compound and withdraw the cases or to refer them to Arbitration. 6. To file suit/s in such Courts of any nature and defend the same and to produce necessary evidence in the respective suits filed. 7. To make statements on oath and to depose and to make all kinds of Affidavits, Applications, and Statements on oath and to file them in such Courts, Offices or Tribunals with regard to any matter in which I am interested Party. 8. To accept any summons, notices or writs, issued by any Court or Offices against me. 9. To represent me before the Sub-Registrar of -------- and to sign the Deed of Sale, in respect to my property or part thereof and to admit the execution thereof. 10. To sign the Deed of Rectification or Deed of Ratification if any on my behalf in respect to my property or part thereof. --3-- 11. To represent me and act and sign for me and on my behalf before Municipal Authorities, Electricity Department, Public Works Department, and all other Government or Semi-Government offices and private authorities, Irrigation Department and obtain necessary No Objection Certificates of the Planning and Development Authority under the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act, 1974 amended upto date. 12. To represent me before the Talathi for Mutation and Mamlatdar of--------, / Dy. Collector/Collector/Inspector of Survey and Land Records/Director of survey and Land records/authorities for mutating the survey records and Partition of the property sold on my behalf by allotting separate survey number. 13. To give my No Objection for transferring the property or part thereof in the name of the Purchaser/s for the purpose of Mutation or Partition in respect of the property sold. 14. To appear before the Sub-Registrar of Canacona and to sign Deed of Succession and Qualification of heirs, on our behalf in terms of Article 2029 of the Portuguese Civil Code. 15. To give statement on oath in any Inventory Proceedings, which may be filed pertaining to the rights, inherited through my parents –in-law. 16. To represent me before the Notary Ex-Officio of -------- and sign the Deed of Relinquishment in favour of the other legal heirs in terms of Article 2029 of the Portuguese Civil Code. --4— 17. To represent me in the office of --------- Municipal Council, ----------, Goa for transferring the registration of the house in the name of the intending purchaser. 18. To appear before all concerned authorities on my behalf for the purpose of smooth functioning of the powers hereby conferred upon my Attorney. AND GENERALLY to execute and perform any other acts, deeds or things or matters whatsoever which in the opinion of my said attorney, ought to be done, executed and performed in relation to the powers hereby given fully and effectually as done by me personally if I was personally able to do. AND I hereby agree and undertake to ratify and confirm all and whatever my said Attorney under the Powers in that behalf herein above contained shall lawfully do, execute and perform in exercise of the powers hereby conferred. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have signed this General Power of Attorney on this ______day of April, 2016 at ----- in the presence of attesting witnesses signed below: EXECUTANT: please let me know if i sign this power of attorney still i can enjoy all my rights ? please advice me