Whom will the home belong to?

My father being eldest son of the family, having two young brothers. he started getting in business since he was 15 years of old. He was a street vendor selling utensils, sometimes saree's, sometimes plastics, after 2 years then he started a video and photography business. He earned a lot he build a home with his own earning. In the mean while his brothers were just sitting in the cash counter and pretending that they did their hard work and helped his brother, which is a lie. Then my father gave up his photography business to his young brothers and started a Garments store which went well for about 10 years, in that time my dad bought a shop in some complex over here. And the photography business depreciated by his brothers. And suddenly they planned a business in that shop forcing my dad to not to start any new business in that shop. Now my dad is not earning heavily but good. But his younger brothers are earning good. So the point is, the home my dad built is registered under his name. Will that property can be shared with his brothers? Because we dont want to share with them. And personally my grandma is having another home in her name. Which is also my fathers earning. And one brother is having one land in his name. Another brother is having two lands but it's in disputed with someone.