Share of sister in property and entry in relative's property

my grandfather property is 3 ekar farm and 2500sqfeet open plot in sangli maharastra. i am engineer age 45 years living in pune with my wife and two daughters in rented flat. my elder sister age 47 years married in 1991 living in kolhapur maharastra with her husband , daughter and son in their own house. my younger brother age 44 years living with my mother age 67 years ( getting pension ) and with his wife ,son and daughter in our relatives house in sangli maharastra. my father age 75 years is expired in 2008 and our relative age 73years is expired in 2007. our relative has made registred will in the name of my younger brother of his all property (8ekar farm and 2000sqfeet house). a legal case is running in sangli court against my younger brother by our relative's wife age 70 years( married in 1960 and only 6months marriage life, no child , living with her brother) and sister age 79 years ( married living with her son, husband expired in 2015)that will made is bogus and true property holder after my relative is they both. ( actualy as per my knowledge will is bogus , but we don't have any proof) i have made following help to my younger brother 1. money for educational help 2. money for his marriage 3. money for legal case 4. my share of cash of my father's bank balance after their death 5. my share of output from our grandfather's farm from 2008 to 2014. ( i have made above help on basis of my younger brother has to give share in our relative's property, [ no writen or legal document , only in front of my mother and sister]) in 2014 , i got offer to work in sangli , i (alone)lived 1 month in my relatives house , after that my younger brother and mother said me that you don't live in this house , closed house doors for me on the basis of will. my father and mother married in 1964 and spent all life in our relative's house 'till my mother and brother is living their. i need two things from you 1. my elder sister is asking for her share in our grand father's property , is she liable for share , if yes , what % of share for her , if she is physically fit. 2. how legely i can enter to my relative's house , principly i born ,educated and my marriage is done in this house , lot of heart remidies with this house . my relation with my relative was good.