Love marriage - Wife's relatives causing problems

My name is nikhil 3 months before i got married. Her family refused our relation so she came out of her house and we got married. We are same religion but different casts. On the day we got married her family made a complaint to recent police station saying that she is missing and i hijacked her. So just after marriage we went to the station and clarified things there. The police approved our relation and marriage and the case dropped. After the marriage her family members are calling me again and again demanding that they need to keep her in their house for one week. Me and wife both disagreed. Then they made a complaint to Women Commission and commission called us for hearing. On hearing the commission forcibly made us agree that we need to visit her mother once in a week. But her family is hostile and some local people residing there already threatened me that they wont let us live. I'm worried what to do. We don't want to go there. And we don't want the Women commission's decision be a problem. Wife's mother is a widow. Wife has one sister. Who is married and have two children. Her sister is the one causing all the problems and she slapped me in my face on the day of our marriage and tried to attack my wife just outside the police station. What i need to do to surpass this women commission's decision ???